You already know about our CPG food and drink trends and our multi-unit restaurant trends
for 2016. Now it’s time to get to general food, cooking, and restaurants trends we think will hit hard in 2016.

Veggie is king. Expect to see complicated menu items with vegetables as the main focus.

Beets will be the star.

No-waste root-to-stalk cooking takes the lead, too.

Smoke and Fire: Chefs will do a lot more cooking over a live fire and create a lot more smoked foods — everything from syrup to salt to veggies.

We Like Lard: Lard is back. Though, we didn’t know it went away.

You Ate What? You may not be surprised at a continued trend away from GMOs and toward local sourcing, traceability of ingredients, and the humane treatment of animals, but will you be surprised at seeing more sustainable proteins like rabbit, carp, and Atlantic pollock on the menu? Don’t be.

2016 food trendsEscargot is back, too. Yes, people are eating snails everywhere.

We like seeing all that dressed up peasant food, like pierogies and dumplings.

Bubbles! From sparkling mocktails to Prosecco, chefs and diners alike will be enjoying their bubbles in 2016.

Expect extra bold flavors in 2016. Bye bye, sriracha. Hello, harissa and gochujang.

With that, turmeric is THE spice of year.

That’s it for our 2016 food and cooking trends. Stay with us for more predictions as the year goes on.