Food & Drink Resources (FDR) is a chef-driven culinary consulting agency with an ideation and development process that follows a continuum:

Needs assessment > Idea generation > Competitive set > Commercialization > Brand growth

Ready For Market Food/Beverage Products

Through this process, we save restaurants anywhere from 25 to 50% on recipe development costs thanks to our onsite kitchens, team of R&D chefs, and our Preferred Vendor Network. Our network of manufacturers makes it possible to introduce ready-for-market products that will fit your brand and goals quickly.

Additionally, our recipe ideation and development services can include

  • Menu development - Recipes are foundational, but your menus, including limited-time offers, offer real opportunities.
  • Training – We will train your trainers. Can include operational manuals and ongoing support.
  • Nutrition analysis – Includes analysis, labeling, recipe revisions, and ingredient substitutions to ensure dishes maintain flavor and meet established nutrition standards (Learn more about restaurant nutrition analysis here.)
  • Kitchen and restaurant design - Kitchen and service area layout and design including the selection of equipment, fixtures, and furniture so that you can create and sell your innovative recipes.

Together, let’s create recipes for wide use. Contact us to see how.