Simplify culinary consumer research. At the FDR Research & Innovation Center, our market research moderators and development chefs handle all aspects of a food/beverage and restaurant consumer research project.

Market Research For The Food And Beverage Industry

Food & Drink Resources (FDR) hosts and facilitates qualitative and quantitative research projects for restaurants, food and beverage manufacturers, and other consumer packaged goods companies. Whatever your consumer research needs, you will find it's possible at FDR.

  • Moderating service led by experienced facilitators
  • Central location testing (including a quantitative/qualitative approach)
  • Comparison testing (paired, triangle, duo-trio)
  • Focus groups (two focus group rooms with two-way mirrors and audio/video recording)
  • Online surveys (concept testing/sorts, communications, menu satisfaction/TURF)
  • Ideation/innovation sessions
  • Immersion tours
  • In-depth interviews/ethnographies/diaries
  • Industry trends
  • Mystery shopping/competitive shopping
  • Sensory/taste tests (20 booths each with iPads)
  • Usability studies (appliances, packaging, product preparation)
  • Our very own 3C Development Process™
  • Restaurant market research
  • Food/beverage market research
  • CPG market research

With a large consumer test kitchen and commercial test kitchen with bar, you will get on-the-spot adjustments to your recipe to perfect the product and expedite the commercialization process. This turns into significant savings for you.

Why Choose Our Denver Market Research Company?

Historically, marketing research projects require you to work with one vendor for a location, a second for a facilitator, a third for respondent recruiting, and a fourth for data analysis. Food market research doesn’t have to be a disconnected process anymore.

At FDR, we offer both turnkey and single-service market research support. We are happy to work with your current vendors but please know that we can also provide all you need for a less expensive and more fluid consumer research experience.

To inquire about culinary or any other consumer research at our FDR's Denver Research & Innovation Center, please request a bid. You may also find more information on our Consumer Research FAQs page.