Colorado Demographics And Food/Drink Research {Infographic}

Did you know Colorado is the 12th fastest-growing US state? The influx of people from different states, backgrounds, and ages is creating a unique population here. Maybe that’s why so many fast-casual restaurant brands have gotten their start or chosen to headquarter in Colorado.

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cheese puff taste test

Can You Taste the Difference Between 2 Types of Cheese Puffs? A Triangle Test Says So.

Survey says…YES, YOU CAN!

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tips for paid research questions

Writing Your Online Survey – 7 Items to Caché

One of the most important factors, if not THE most important factor when fielding your online survey is: quality of responses. How can you ensure that you will receive quality? How do you reduce your drop rates? (By the way, “drop rate” is the percent of respondents who leave a survey before completing it.)

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examples of focus groups videos

Our Favorite Funny Focus Group Videos

Before you’ve sat through a focus group yourself, you may wonder how they work. What will you be expected to do? Will there be other people there? What will the facilitator ask? We have talked about what to expect in a focus group at FDR previously, but we think these funny focus group videos and…

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event space rental with kitchen

Why Restaurants Do Consumer Focus Groups

For a restaurant, focus groups are defined as a group of people gathered to participate in a guided discussion about a particular menu item or promotion before it is launched, or to provide ongoing feedback about current offerings. Focus groups are a useful method to: Discover how different people think and feel about a menu…

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culinary sales and support

Why Food Manufacturers Choose A Third-Party For Restaurant Sales

Let’s address some of the reasons why food and drink manufacturers choose to work with third-party organizations, like Food & Drink Resources (FDR), to represent their products to restaurant brands. Our goal with this article is to show you how Food & Drink Resources can enhance your work…and grow your bottom line.

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