Case Studies

We save manufacturers and restaurants anywhere from 25 to 50% on their food/beverage concept development costs and cut time-to-market in half. This is possible because of our state-of-the-art test kitchen and consumer research facility and cost-effective process. Below you’ll find several case studies highlighting the food/beverage concept development and other work we do. You can also find a complete list of our clients here.  To begin a project of your own, request a bid.

Restaurant Case Studies

Snooze and the FDR team work together to source ingredients, complete nutritional analyses for the Snooze menu, and more.
FDR and Thorntons created a pizza platform that launched just six short months after the start of the project.
Taco John’s does focus group testing and hosts its annual Idea Summit at the FDR Innovation Center.

Manufacturer Case Studies

FDR and JQI have worked together on a number of projects including culinary concept presentations.
The FDR culinary team came up with 22 seafood appetizer concepts that Phillips narrowed down to four. All four were tested in a consumer research study at FDR.
FDR and Syracuse Sausage work together to promote the sausage company to national multi-location restaurants like Applebee’s, Schlotzsky’s and Red Robin.