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Inside One of Denver’s Newest Focus Group Facilities

Food & Drink Resources (FDR) opened its Denver focus group facility in 2014 to serve large restaurant organizations and food producers in recipe and development as well as market research. The FDR Research & Innovation Center is fully equipped with all the items you’d expect a restaurant or bar to have. Continue reading

Market Research in Colorado

Food & Drink Resources got its start in Virginia and Texas, back when co-founders Richard Keys and Scott Randolph based their work there. The move to Colorado in 2009 was an intentional business move. Denver doesn’t just have amazing weather, skiing, and restaurants. Turns out Colorado is an ideal spot for food/beverage market research, too. Continue reading

Taco John’s 3rd Annual Idea Council at FDR

In May, Taco John’s invited menu development experts to join its “Idea Council” for a two-day brainstorming session. Franchisees who serve on the Taco John’s menu committee, members of the brand’s corporate leadership team, and more than 20 industry partners joined in on the event, which was held at the Food & Drink Resources Innovation Center. Continue reading

Take a Tour of the FDR Innovation Center

If you are in Denver, you are always welcome to visit the Denver FDR Innovation Center and see our market research and test kitchen facilities. In the meantime, take a tour of our space online. Here we’ve got a quick video and photos for you. Continue reading

A Colorful Food & Drink Ideation Session

We can say with confidence that the food and drink ideation sessions at the FDR Innovation Center are unlike most others.

How do we know?

Because we’ve participated in hundreds of them over the last two decades. Part of our motivation for opening up our location in Colorado was so we could provide a different kind of ideation. Honestly, we want to have ideation sessions that don’t plain suck.  Continue reading