If you are in Denver, you are always welcome to visit the Denver FDR Innovation Center and see our market research and test kitchen facilities. In the meantime, take a tour of our space online. Here we’ve got a quick video and photos for you.

Food & Drink Resources Denver

The Food & Drink Resources Innovation Center in Denver has plenty of parking and a convenient location.

Our high tech boardroom

The high-tech boardroom, which is one of several meeting spaces, has television screens and iPads to view focus group and other testing in real time.

denver focus group rooms

There are two focus group rooms at the FDR Innovation Center, each with a viewing window and audio/video recording capabilities.

denver test kitchen

This is the smaller of the two test kitchens, which is designed to test equipment and packaged products among other things.

test kitchen denver The second larger test kitchen is adjacent to the test bar. This kitchen is set-up to resemble most commercial kitchens, and it contains modular units allowing you to modify it to match your own space.

Consumer research dining area

The dining area is an excellent spot for ideation sessions.

consumer research testing booths

The CLT booths sit just feet away from the test kitchens. We have designed the space to feel similar to a restaurant/bar atmosphere.

loading docks at Denver market research facility

Our loading docks make it easy to bring in supplies and materials for a market research test.

Want more photos? You’ll find them on the official FDR Innovation Center page.

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