Let’s address some of the reasons why food and drink manufacturers choose to work with third-party organizations, like Food & Drink Resources (FDR), to represent their products to restaurant brands. Our goal with this article is to show you how Food & Drink Resources can enhance your work…and grow your bottom line.

Save anywhere from 25 to 50% on development costs.

Cut time-to-market in half. The 3C Development Process™ is FDR’s proven approach to food and drink development that integrates consumers, chefs, and clients into immersive, real-time product development. Completed in one, 72-hour session at the Denver FDR Innovation Center, the process is efficient, but in no way lacks quality. You will complete months-worth of work in only three days.

Both full-service and single-serve consumer research support available.

FDR facilitates, hosts, and analyzes qualitative and quantitative consumer research including focus groups, sensory testing, comparison testing, central location testing (CLTs), and on-site/in-store interviews or customer intercept surveys. We believe consumer research is a critical piece to product development.

You can choose to work with us in all capacities or one. It’s up to you.

A test kitchen you want to spend time in.

The new, 10,000-square-foot FDR Innovation Center includes plenty of meeting space as well as a modular, fully-equipped test kitchen and bar. It’s spacious, clean, and has all you’ll need to for recipe development—including a team of expert chefs with decades of experience in manufacturing and sales.


FDR’s chefs will work with you to create white paper concepts, first-class ideations, and food and drink presentations.


Get a sales plan accompanied by detailed reporting and analysis of sales results. We represent our manufacturing clients to our network of food service clients and others, plus we offer marketing services and sales team training.

denver food and drink resources focus group room

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