Who would we be if we didn’t share our best kitchen hacks to help you with all the holiday cooking you’re doing? In this list of professional cooking tips, we give you some of our best.

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Grate Scott!

Use a cheese grater to grate nutmeg.

Yolk And White

Separate the egg yolk and white with ease by using an empty plastic water bottle. Squeeze the bottle over the cracked egg, and then release. When the bottle re-inflates with air, it will take the yolk with it.

Free Bird

When cooking an entire turkey or chicken, ice the breast. The dark meat needs more time to cook than the white meat, so chilling the breast promotes more even cooking.

Chilled Wine

Chill warm wine by freezing a few grapes and placing them in your glass. The grapes act as un-diluting ice cubes.

Shaped Cream

Use cookie cutters to shape whipped cream on beverages (hot cocoa, coffee, etc.).

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Juice That Fruit!

Prevent seeds from falling into your dish by wrapping your citrus in a cheesecloth before squeezing it.

Blow Your Top

Is your pot of water boiling over? Place a wooden spoon across the mouth of the pot. Wood does not conduct heat well, so the water strays away from the wood.

Carving Pumpkins?

Remove the seeds using an ice cream scoop instead of your hands or a spoon. The edges of the scoop are sharp and can cut through the inside flesh easier.

Skim The Fat

Wrap a few ice cubes in a paper towel or cheesecloth then skim it along the top of your stew or stock. The ice will help solidify the fat so it is easier to scoop out using a spoon.

Fire Safety

When a small grease or electric fire ignites suddenly, throw some baking soda on it. The baking soda releases carbon dioxide when heated up, which will hopefully extinguish the fire.

Be on the lookout for more chef hacks from us here at Food & Drink Resources, and Merry Holidays to you!

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