Katie Sutton, one of FDR’s new chefs, has had the great pleasure of speaking with food media in recent weeks. Check out these two interesting reads where she weighs in.

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“On a recent trip, I ran into a French supermarket, pulled a pre-packed bowl of fresh herbs, greens, noodles and chicken off the produce shelf and went through a quick line where a staff person filled the bowl with hot broth,” she says. “The broth warmed the cool ingredients, and I had a fresh, hot meal in minutes.” Read more: “Grain-based Bowl Meals: Why ancient grains are the food of the future” on Progressive Grocer. (Article no longer available, but you can read this on the FDR blog for more about grain bowls and other food trends.)


“Katie Sutton likes how chefs are smashing tater tots and topping them with ingredients that fit a concept’s menu style and authentic positioning. Tex-Mex operators may use tots instead of traditional tortilla chips as a new base for nachos, while an Irish pub could offer toppings of corned beef and stout-cheese sauce.” Read more: “How to be Authentically Authentic” on Restaurant Business Online.

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