A Chef Ambassadorship is one of the many services Food & Drink Resources (FDR) offers our restaurant and manufacturing clients. This is an opportunity to have additional culinary experts representing your brand. Let FDR become the face of your culinary and R&D teams!

Recipe and Menu Ideation

Want to revamp your kids’ menu? Create serving suggestions for your product? Your FDR Chef Ambassador will develop recipes that match your brand and are sure to be on-trend and sell well.

A small project might result in 12 potential menu items whereas a large project could result in hundreds. After your approval, we can test the recipes in our consumer research testing facility to find the match for your menu.

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Travel to You, Your Customers, and Your Franchisees

When it’s time to implement changes, your FDR Chef Ambassador will travel to your office, a customer’s office, or your franchise locations to assist in transitioning new ingredients and recipes into the mix.

Presentations for Restaurants and Foodservice Organizations

Have a product you want to sell? Want to be introduced to new ingredients? Our Chef Ambassadors can do the leg work for you – from start to finish. We start with a presentation, create a series of dishes featuring the new products, and visit with you to incorporate the right products into a menu.

We never force a product into a menu. We only want to improve menus with next-level ingredients.

Attend Trade Shows

Industry trade shows can create a lot of opportunity in discovering new products and creating brand exposure. Instead of relying on junior team members or temporary employees, bring in the experts who know your customers. We’ll represent your brand in a way that SELLS.

All of the Above

A Chef Ambassador program could include one of the above items or all of the above plus a few a few additional services. Each program is customized to meet your needs and is flexible in scope.

Want to learn more about FDR Chef Ambassadorships? Contact us to develop a program that works for you.

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