Food & Drink Resources (FDR) has worked with Maple Leaf Foods since 2017 when the company decided to expand outside of Canada into the United States. As a preferred vendor, FDR positions Maple Leaf’s meat products in front of our restaurant operator clients when it is a good fit. Maple Leaf makes that job easy.

Meat Raised Without Antibiotics

And in recent months, they have made it even easier with the company’s increased commitment to offer meat raised without antibiotics (RWA) and establishing their official vision to become the “most sustainable protein company on earth”!

Maple Leaf is leading the campaign with its pork products, which is becoming more popular on many menus. Pork is more often seen in sandwiches and in ethnic dishes these days. Plus, as you know already, consumers are demanding clean and more healthful restaurant food. Maple Leaf Foods has nailed it by addressing these two strong culinary trends in tandem.

According to Traci Mangiapane, Director of Foodservice, USA, for Maple Leaf Foods, it’s not just the company’s focus on great-tasting food that sets them apart, it’s their overall food manifesto and aggressive sustainability goals. Those goals include:

  • Using 50% less energy
  • Using less water
  • Producing 50% less waste

How FDR and Maple Leaf Work Together

“Working with FDR has been great for us,” Traci explained. “The FDR team has such a strong culinary background with so many industry operator relationships that they’ve really helped us leverage our message about being a sustainable company and providing meat raised without antibiotics or growth hormones promotants among other things.”

Those other things Traci is referring to includes a commitment to food safety, animal welfare, sustainable agriculture, and a recent $1B capital investment in state-of-the-art facilities. To learn more, visit

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