At Food & Drink Resources (FDR), we offer an immersive, real-time approach to speed you from idea generation to commercialization to brand growth.

From A Spark Of An Idea To Full-Flavor Reality

  • Take a recipe from concept to wide-use
  • Efficient and fast processes thanks to a team of development chefs and a network of preferred vendors
  • Culinary guidance for those with or without in-house chefs or an R&D team
  • Solutions for both food/beverage manufacturers and restaurants

Too often, businesses hire culinary consultants only to get a few good ideas for a new menu item. The truth is, you need more than just good ideas. You need outstanding ideas that also work in practice.

At FDR, we will work with you to generate outstanding ideas, develop recipes, and then follow through with the manufacturing process. Our job is not done until we can ensure that the recipe can be replicated and profitable over the long term.