The Work

Since 2009, Cuisine Solutions has been part of the FDR Preferred Vendor Network. In fact, they were the first manufacturer in the network.

The relationship allows FDR to present Cuisine Solutions products to our chain restaurant customers – namely, sous vide cuisines such as sauces, soups, pastas, and proteins. But the work hasn’t stopped there. Over the years, the relationship has evolved to include consumer research at the FDR Innovation Center and product development in the FDR test kitchen in Denver.

Why Cuisine Solutions Chooses FDR

FDR Co-founders Richard Keys and Scott Randolph both worked at Cuisine Solutions prior to starting FDR in 2009. Despite leaving the organization, the pair maintained relationships with their colleagues, including Peter Coffey, Culinary Business Development Manager for National Restaurant Chains.

“In this industry, nothing gets done without relationships,” Peter explained. “It’s evident that FDR works to maintain those relationships because they’ve served as a springboard for Cuisine Solutions onto menus. They really stay on top of industry personnel changes and make the time to meet with key players. That shouldn’t be overlooked.”

In addition to presenting Cuisine Solutions products to restaurants, Peter said FDR also provides insight into what’s hot, what’s not, and what approach the company should take in development.

“We want to make sure we bridge the gap for restaurants and that includes creating the right product at the right time. FDR offers a level of consultation that is invaluable.”

The Outcome

Most manufacturers in the FDR Preferred Vendor Network are nimble and can create or modify products to meet a restaurant’s demand quickly. Cuisines Solutions is no exception.

“There have been several instances where FDR has helped us re-create proteins and sauces to meet a restaurant’s demand,” Peter said. “They have assisted us in sourcing raw ingredients and in creating multiple options for the client. We have collaborated on joint presentations many times.”

Peter went on to describe two specific scenarios. First, with a chain restaurant where Cuisine Solutions provided pre-sliced turkey breasts. After learning that the turkey slices were sticking together, they were able to quickly change how the meat was sliced to fix the problem. Again, with another chain restaurant struggling to cut costs on a popular lobster sauce dish, Cuisine Solutions was able to present cream alternatives and less expensive lobster meat options.

“Overall, I would recommend FDR to other manufacturers as well as chain restaurants. With the FDR team, the professionalism is always there. We identify our goals, and they never fail to go after them.”