Looking for a food/drink consumer research facility or facilitator in Denver? Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose FDR for Denver consumer research.

1. Both full-service and à la carte market research support are available.

We are happy to work with your current consumer research vendors but know that we can provide all you need for a less expensive and more fluid consumer research project. Our capabilities include our Denver focus group and CLT space, facilitation, respondent recruiting, data analysis, and more.

2. A fully-stocked, spacious, technologically-advanced test kitchen and bar.

Stop doing food and beverage research and development in uncomfortable, poorly-equipped test kitchens. You’ll be comfortable at FDR.

3. Convenient location with a rich pool of consumer research respondents to pull from.

The FDR Innovation Center is the only consumer research facility of its kind in the Rocky Mountain Region. We designed the space FOR restaurants and manufacturers with plenty of meeting space and that comfortable test kitchen we mentioned. FDR is located just south of Denver where many national multi-location restaurants got their start.

fdr 3c development process4. The 3C Development Process™.

3C is FDR’s proven approach to food and drink development that integrates consumers, chefs, and clients into an immersive, real-time product development experience. Completed in one 72-hour session at the FDR Innovation Center, the process is efficient, but in no way lacks quality. You will complete months-worth of work in only three days.

5. On-the-spot recipe modifications.

Our chef team will be standing by onsite to refine recipes based on consumer research findings. Once the recipe is modified, we can test it again!

6. A variety of consumer research offerings.

We do both qualitative and quantitative research including focus groups, sensory testing, comparison testing, central location testing (CLTs), immersion tours, on-site/in-store interviews, or customer intercept surveys. It’s true that our specialty is in culinary consumer research, but our facility, moderators, and research methods are useful for businesses in all industries.

Learn more on our consumer research FAQ page or request a bid.

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