In May, Taco John’s invited menu development experts to join its “Idea Council” for a two-day brainstorming session. Franchisees who serve on the Taco John’s menu committee, members of the brand’s corporate leadership team, and more than 20 industry partners joined in on the event, which was held at the Food & Drink Resources Innovation Center.
taco-johns-food-drink-resourcesThis year’s council focused on creating as many ideas as possible for the next generation of tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. We had the privilege of seeing a few of the creations and tasting them, too.

We want to thank Taco John’s for including Food & Drink Resources in the Idea Summit and we look forward to seeing some of the inspired creations on the menu soon.

For more information about Taco John’s and the Idea Council, visit the company’s website.



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