Restaurants and retail food establishments (including bakeries, coffee shops, and ice cream shops) that have 20 or more locations are required to post calories for items on all menus and menu boards to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s rule. You must also be able to provide detailed nutrition analysis (more than just calorie count) to a customer upon request.

FDR can assist your restaurant to ensure you are in compliance, and we can help you make the best of this inconvenience.

  1. Nutrition analysis. FDR’s expert in menu labeling completes recipe analysis using ESHA Genesis R&D, the Gold Standard for nutrition analysis, and completes additional research for local or obscure ingredients/products not in the database.
  2. Data you can use. You’ll receive raw data for your website and/or print materials and rounded calorie data for menus.
  3. Recipe re-development. If after seeing your nutrition analysis you would like to reformulate recipes to lower the calorie count, the FDR chef team will collaborate with you to create a similar—or better!—recipe.
  4. Marketing. Menu changes present an opportunity to generate positive buzz. Ask us about our marketing and media relations services, too.

Change is difficult, especially when it comes to a menu that alters the way you do business. However, in our experience, well-trained staff and loyal customers recover quickly and are back on track within four months time. Plus, consumers expect a transparent menu with healthful options. Nutrition analysis is a very important step in the right direction.

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