At FDR, we do everything from market research, branding, and marketing to restaurant reboots and culinary support. The work we do for our clients happens in the kitchen, in the office, online, and “in the field.” It’s easy to understand the breadth of what we do when you can see it in action; but what if you haven’t seen our work, or tasted our food?

That’s why the Food & Drink Resources Marketing Team has developed a culinary showcase book to illustrate all of FDR’s capabilities. It’s not a catalog, not a magazine, and not a cookbook, but it has a little bit of all three of those things.

Flip through the showcase book to get a peek into the chefs behind FDR, how we have boosted profits for our clients in the industry, and you can even earmark a few tasty recipes for later. The book is informative enough to bring along on sales visits and attractive enough to leave out on the coffee table.

Browse through our book here. And, if you’re a client and interested in creating a similar book for your business, let us know.

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