Two years ago, Danny Romero joined Food & Drink Resources (FDR). His role has evolved, and now he works as a Facility Manager and Research Chef and spends much of his time developing recipes, cooking, and overseeing the FDR Innovation Center to make sure it’s running optimally.

As part of our series of blog posts profiling FDR team members, here we dive into some of the things that make Danny tick (beyond Hot Cheetos) and his work at FDR.

What’s your background in the culinary world?

fdr danny romeroDanny: I figured out pretty early that I had a passion for food. The best thing for me is to make people smile with really good food. Now that’s priceless.

In high school, I had some training in my school’s culinary program, and then I attended Johnson and Wales University here in Denver. My first official culinary job was at The Pioneer, a quintessential college bar near the University of Denver, where I moved up the ranks and eventually ran that kitchen.

What’s a “day-in-the-life” like at FDR?

Every day is a little different at FDR. From a Facility Manager angle, I make sure the building is always running at 100%. If we need anything for the test kitchens or FDR Innovation Center, I make sure we have it in-house. If something is broke, I’m the guy to fix it (or call someone to fix it). When packages come in, I log them. If we have a focus group or other consumer research project happening, I make sure the client has everything they need as well as record their video sessions.

Then, when it’s time to work in the kitchen as a Research Chef, I assist the FDR culinary team on anything they need regarding cooking and developing recipes. Since starting at FDR in 2016, I’ve learned many kitchen skills, especially when it comes to small tricks to accomplishing tasks faster and better. I’m also a much-improved recipe writer since we turn so many ideations into recipes with specific guard rails and guidelines.

What do you like to cook and eat outside of work?

My favorite cuisine to cook at home would be Mexican food because it reminds me of home back in California. Even though my momma is 1,000 miles away, I feel she’s right in the kitchen with me when I cook her Mexican food. Enchiladas, tacos, and sopes are my favorite items to make.

When I go out with friends, I like to try different cuisine. In Denver, it’s easy to find a good Indian, Asian, Greek, and Ethiopian places. It’s good to challenge the taste buds. One thing I won’t eat is doughnuts. The texture is wrong. Though, I will devour a churro in a heartbeat.


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