You don’t need every kitchen appliance and utensil, but you do need a few that have multi-purposes. On our list of must-haves: mesh strainer, cheese cloth, waffle iron, condiment bottles, and tin pie pans.

Perfect Poaching

Poach an egg perfectly by using a metal mesh strainer for lowering the egg into the water.

Skim the Fat

Wrap a few ice cubes in a paper towel or cheese cloth then skim it along the top of your stew or stock. The ice will help solidify the fat so it is easier to scoop out using a spoon.

Bacon Bit

No clean pans and the microwave is busted? You can still cook your bacon using a waffle iron.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use your empty condiment bottles (e.g., ketchup) for pancake mixes.

Innovation Pie

Pierce tin pie pans with a knife to create a stacked steamer for dumplings.

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