Before you’ve sat through a focus group yourself, you may wonder how they work. What will you be expected to do? Will there be other people there? What will the facilitator ask?

We have talked about what to expect in a focus group at FDR previously, but we think these funny focus group videos and food focus group videos show you what to expect, too — even if they are silly or extreme.

Funny Focus Group Videos

Sony Ericcson brings a group of seniors into the focus group room in their Product Testing Institute series of focus group videos. Will they take the picture?

The Truth in Advertising focus group video is a play on what a focus group about a book cover could look like. Though, probably not. Usually, the discussion is a more on-topic.

The caveman focus group video is a popular one and a good example of how a focus group is only one step in a product development process.

Food Focus Group Videos

The Let’s Move Focus Group with Will Ferrell video is both about food and funny. Of course it’s funny. It’s Will Ferrell.

Another illustration of how focus groups are one piece of the product development process. In Wendy’s focus group video, they show how this sandwich was introduced regardless of focus group feedback.

And one from awhile back, the Snickers shark focus group video showing there are focus groups for everything.

Real Focus Group Feedback Video

This last one isn’t as funny as the videos above, but it’s still excellent. Domino’s Pizza documented their turnaround from “cardboard tasting pizza” to a new, improved recipe in this popular video. It’s worth a full watch, but if you skip to the one minute mark you’ll see some of the feedback Domino’s received from the focus group respondents.

These are just a few of the funny or effective focus group videos out there. Which one is your favorite?


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