Members of the FDR Culinary Team recently traveled to Bandar Lampung in Indonesia for a food product development project and had a chance to explore some of the food scene there. Katie Sutton, FDR Chef and VP of Culinary Innovation, and Ric Scicchitano, Managing Partner, grabbed these photos at local restaurants. Could some of these flavors be coming to a table near you? We think so.




Traditional Indonesia Oxtail soup


A Rijsttafel meal, a Dutch word meaning “rice table.” This is truly Padang cuisine. Many plates brought to the table without ordering. You are charged for only the plates you eat from. Pictured here:¬†lemper, satay, chicken in curry, and a traditional fried chicken.


Lemper, a glutinous rice with beef parts and cooked in a banana leaf




Spicy potatoes and chicken hearts


Our table was served a can of lychees to cool the spice effect. They also brought a bowl of ice in which to drop the lychees in to make them cold.


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