Last fall, we published our big list of 2017 food and beverage trend predictions as well as our list of trending foods on the fringe. Both lists received attention from food writers who included our insights into their own coverage. Here we bring you a few of our favorite media mentions.

Trends That Will Pique Your Interest

John Lehndorff presented an incredible list of unusual trending foods in his Boulder Weekly article, “Everybody mukbang tonight.”

“Flat is in: Centennial-based Food and Drink Resources’ 2017 food and beverage trends include the rising popularity of khachapuri (Georgian egg pizza), okonamyaki (thin savory Japanese pancakes), jackfruit (as a meat substitute), dragonfruit, harissa (North African spice mix), fruit soups and ‘crowlers,’ a metal version of the brewery growler that is canned at the bar.”

Read the full article on Boulder Weekly.

What We Can Leave Behind In 2016

Shelly Whitehead in a Pizza Marketplace article, “A ‘post mortem’: Looking back at 2016’s hard-learned lessons,” talked less about 2017 food trends and more about “2016 lessons learned.” FDR’s Chef Katie Sutton had a lot to say about that, too.

“The issue of transparency revolving around food sources and overall quality is one that is making a clear distinction between restaurant industry winners and losers in all manner of quicker-service formats, said Katie Sutton. Colorado-based Food & Drink Resources Chef and Vice President of Culinary Innovation.”

Read the full article on Pizza Marketplace.

2017 food trendsAnother food trend roundup appeared in Restaurant Hospitality News.

It’s already been a few months since we said “goodbye” to 2016 and made our 2017 food trend predictions. It has been interesting to watch how many trends have changed shape or really taken off — like monkey bread!

Thanks to everyone who included the FDR team’s expertise.  See you again next year!

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