It’s our business to anticipate food and beverage trends, which is why we make our official predictions year after year. It’s also why we work with folks in the media to round out their flavor and menu trend analyses at the beginning of the year and throughout the year. Recently, FDR chefs spoke with The Daily Meal, Provisioner Online, and Flavor & The Menu among others. Take a look and read the full articles by clicking on the links below. 

The Daily Meal Says 2018 Will Look A Lot Like 2017…

…and that includes more and more restaurants chefs looking at “food as medicine,” mushrooms, and unique flours. We agree! Browse the complete slideshow here.

Flavor & The Menu Includes FDR In Its Panel Of Expert Chefs

Of course, FDR’s VP of Culinary Innovation, Katie Sutton, has much to say about 2018 food/beverage trends – it’s her forte – which is why Flavor & The Menu included Katie as part of their panel of expert chefs. Read what Katie had to say about cocktails, yogurt, and one of the biggest 2018 food trends – something she calls a mélange – in the magazine’s special January issue.

Provisioner Online’s Q&A On Protein Trends In Foodservice

FDR’s Managing Partner, Ric Schiccitano, spoke with Provisioner Online to share what he sees happening in the world of protein, specifically meat, on the menu. Don’t get it confused. That doesn’t mean veggies don’t have their place. See what Ric has to say in the “Q&A on Foodservice Trends.”

coconut sugar food trend

Pictured here: coconut sugar. Unusual flours and sugars are a definite 2018 food trend.

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