Food & Drink Resources (FDR) opened its Denver focus group facility in 2014 to serve large restaurant organizations and food producers in recipe and development as well as market research. The FDR Research & Innovation Center is fully equipped with all the items you’d expect a restaurant or bar to have.

Check out these photos of our space and see for yourself how FDR is your go-to for Denver focus groups and other consumer research methodologies.


Located in Centennial, Colorado, just off of Arapahoe Road and Havana Street, there is plenty of parking in the surrounding parking lots, and we are within walking distance from RTD stops.

denver focus group facility

You’ll see a comfortable waiting area as you enter the FDR Research & Innovation Center.


We meet in one of two large focus group rooms for discussion-based focus groups. Our facilitators are long-time professionals and will work to make your time enjoyable.


Much like what you see on television, most focus group rooms have a two-way mirror. This allows our clients to watch the focus group discussion in real time if they choose. We always let you know if and when others are observing.

quantitative consumer research room denver

Our meeting areas and focus group rooms are wired for audio and video, so our clients can view the Denver focus groups from anywhere anytime.

central location test facilities

For taste tests, you’ll have your own private seat to sample dishes and then share your thoughts via tablet.


A birds-eye view of our CLT booths in the main area of the FDR Innovation Center. You’ll notice we have arcade games and a ping-pong table. Our goal is to create a true-to-life restaurant/bar feel since we most often test restaurant dishes in our Denver consumer research facility.


The FDR Innovation Center has two commercial kitchens and a full bar so that we can create restaurant-quality food on-site. Both kitchens are just feet away from the focus group rooms and booths, so you’ll get fresh, hot food to sample.

food restaurant marketing

We hope to see you soon at the FDR Research & Innovation Center.

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