Food & Drink Resources moved to Colorado back in 2009 because the state’s population is incredibly diverse and is constantly changing, making Denver an optimal location for market research.

Colorado Is One Of The Fastest Growing States

Between July 2014 and July 2015, the population of Colorado expanded by 1.9 percent. According to the United Sates Census Bureau, the state added 100,986 new residents during that same time period.

That huge number puts Colorado as one of the fastest growing states in the U.S., second only to North Dakota. Of course, this huge increase of people results in a growing number of businesses, including our food market research company in Denver, following the crowds to the state.

More Millennials Are Moving To The Denver Metro Area

growing colorado population consumer researchAn increasing number of people under 35-years-old are choosing to move to Denver. In fact, according to the Mayflower Company, Denver is the third most popular city for Millennials to move to.

Dallas and Chicago ranked higher on the list, but Denver was able to beat several other popular cities, like Los Angeles and Seattle.

The majority of Denver residents are now Millennials, with 28.7 percent being Millennials compared to 24.9 percent being Baby Boomers. The city’s young population makes consumer research in Denver very appealing.

Denver’s Popularity Will Only Grow In Coming Years

colorado market research millennialsU.S. News and World Report rated Denver as the best city to live in. As more people hear about what makes Colorado so great, its migration rate will only continue to grow. This growth may not only mean more Millennials but could result in more Baby Boomers moving to the state to be closer to their children, as well. This is great for food market research companies in the area since the diversity of Denver and Colorado’s population will only increase.

The above images are sections of a complete infographic on why Colorado is ideal for market research.  See the full infographic here.

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