bread trends and basket

Shake Up the Bread Basket With These Bread Trends

What’s one of the most common sides we use for dinner? Breads! Garlic bread is overdone. Bread and butter, while it can be delicious, is a shortcut. Today, we bring you 11 inspired bread ideas that you are sure to see in more bread baskets and menus soon.

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bowl of kimchi

Kimchi: How To Use It And Why You Should Love It

What do you get when you combine the trends of fermented and spicy? You get kimchi (or kimchee)—a tangy and hot 4,000-year-old Korean staple that’s like a cross between a pickle and a salad. Kimchi is showing up everywhere right now. Rightfully so, if you ask us. We love the stuff.

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clean the kitchen

Our Chefs Reveal The Best Ways To Clean In The Kitchen

Cleaning is always trendy. Are we right? Today, we bring you our best chef hacks for keeping that kitchen clean.

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hawaiian food trends

Hawaiian “Local Food” On The Mainland

Most traditional Hawaiian food came from somewhere else. Early Polynesians brought taro, yams, coconut, bananas, sugarcane, pork, and chicken. Europeans and Americans built sugarcane and pineapple plantations, which brought immigrants and cuisine from China, Korea, Japan, Portugal, and the Philippines. There were Mormon Samoans, Mexican cowboys, and then American GIs who introduced islanders to the…

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chefs hacks

Kitchen Appliances And Utensils Save The Day: Chef Hacks

You don’t need every kitchen appliance and utensil, but you do need a few that have multi-purposes. On our list of must-haves: mesh strainer, cheesecloth, waffle iron, condiment bottles, and tin pie pans.

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chef hacks

Cheesy Chef Hacks

With June 4 being National Cheese Day and all, it’s only fitting that we’d share some cheesy chef hacks. Grate Cheese! Need to grate a semi-soft cheese? Freeze the cheese for about 30 minutes and it will be solid enough to grate with ease.

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