FDR showcase book

See the FDR Culinary Showcase Book

At FDR, we do everything from market research, branding, and marketing to restaurant reboots and culinary support. The work we do for our clients happens in the kitchen, in the office, online, and “in the field.” It’s easy to understand the breadth of what we do when you can see it in action; but what…

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how to engineer a menu

Increase Restaurant Profits With Menu Engineering

Many restaurant companies struggle with stagnant sales, reductions in traffic, and lower margins than they’ve had in the past, all because costs never seem to go down. These companies reluctantly accept lower margins as a way of life (or death). In some cases, restaurants will blindly raise prices to try and remedy the problem, but…

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yield analysis

Boost Your Profits with Yield and Portion Analysis

For a successful restaurant, food costs generally make up 30-35% of total expenses. If it’s higher, it’s time to cut. There are many moving parts when it comes to cutting food costs, and we believe analyzing a restaurant’s menu item yield is a critical first step. This is why, at FDR, we offer menu yield analysis…

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consumer research

Six Reasons to Choose FDR for Consumer Research

Looking for a food/drink consumer research facility or facilitator in Denver? Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose FDR for Denver consumer research.

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ideation session

A Colorful Food & Drink Ideation Session

We can say with confidence that the food and drink ideation sessions at the FDR Innovation Center are unlike most others. How do we know? Because we’ve participated in hundreds of them over the last two decades. Part of our motivation for opening up our location in Colorado was so we could provide a different…

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