Preferred FDR Vendor Network Member: White Toque

Food & Drink Resources (FDR) has collaborated with White Toque since the early days of our culinary agency. As a foodservice importer of hard-to-find frozen and specialty foods from Europe and Central America, White Toque has become a relied upon vendor for FDR’s chain restaurant clients. We find the unique products they source to be…

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A Preferred FDR Vendor: Maple Leaf Foods

Food & Drink Resources (FDR) has worked with Maple Leaf Foods since 2017 when the company decided to expand outside of Canada into the United States. As a preferred vendor, FDR positions Maple Leaf’s meat products in front of our restaurant operator clients when it is a good fit. Maple Leaf makes that job easy.

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A Q&A with FDR Chef & Co-Founder, Richard Keys

As Co-Founder, Richard Keys knows Food & Drink Resources (FDR) like the back of his hand. With over three decades of food and drink experience, Richard’s knowledge of the field and passion for food highlight the success of his career.

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Food Product Development in Indonesia {Photos}

Members of the FDR Culinary Team recently traveled to Bandar Lampung in Indonesia for a food product development project and had a chance to explore some of the food scene there. Katie Sutton, FDR Chef and VP of Culinary Innovation, and Ric Scicchitano, Managing Partner, grabbed these photos at local restaurants. Could some of these…

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fdr research chef

Meet Danny Romero, an FDR Research Chef

Two years ago, Danny Romero joined Food & Drink Resources (FDR). His role has evolved, and now he works as a Facility Manager and Research Chef and spends much of his time developing recipes, cooking, and overseeing the FDR Innovation Center to make sure it’s running optimally. As part of our series of blog posts profiling…

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chef puts fruit in bowls

FDR Chef Ambassadors Serve Restaurants and Manufacturers

A Chef Ambassadorship is one of the many services Food & Drink Resources (FDR) offers our restaurant and manufacturing clients. This is an opportunity to have additional culinary experts representing your brand. Let FDR become the face of your culinary and R&D teams! Recipe and Menu Ideation Want to revamp your kids’ menu? Create serving…

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