Category: Market Research

Why Restaurants Do Consumer Focus Groups

For a restaurant, focus groups are defined as a group of people gathered to participate in a guided discussion about a particular menu item or promotion before it is launched, or to provide ongoing feedback about current offerings. Focus groups are a useful method to:

  • Discover how different people think and feel about a menu item or concept and why they hold certain opinions
  • Verify or clarify survey results
  • Suggest potential solutions to problems within the restaurant
  • Inform decision-making when it comes to strategic planning and resource allocation

Bottom line: restaurants do consumer focus groups to gain insight into what will sell well.  Continue reading

Market Research in Colorado

Food & Drink Resources got its start in Virginia and Texas, back when co-founders Richard Keys and Scott Randolph based their work there. The move to Colorado in 2009 was an intentional business move. Denver doesn’t just have amazing weather, skiing, and restaurants. Turns out Colorado is an ideal spot for food/beverage market research, too. Continue reading