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Colorado Demographics and Food/Drink Research {Infographic}

Did you know Colorado is the second fastest growing US state? The influx of people from different regions, backgrounds, and ages (especially hungry millennials) is creating a unique population here. Maybe that’s why more than 20 fast casual restaurant groups have gotten their start or chose to headquarter in Colorado.

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Market Research in Colorado

Food & Drink Resources got its start in Virginia and Texas, back when co-founders Richard Keys and Scott Randolph based their work there. The move to Colorado in 2009 was an intentional business move. Denver doesn’t just have amazing weather, skiing, and restaurants. Turns out Colorado is an ideal spot for food/beverage market research, too.

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Why Food Manufacturers Choose A Third-Party For Restaurant Sales

Let’s address some of the reasons why food and drink manufacturers choose to work with third-party organizations, like Food & Drink Resources (FDR), to represent their products to restaurant brands. Our goal with this article is to show you how Food & Drink Resources can enhance your work…and grow your bottom line.

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Focus Group Advantages

Former FDR Vice President of Insights, Sally Sparks, wrote an article for Quirks, the marketing research site, about how focus groups and qualitative testing don’t get the credit they deserve.

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Six Reasons to Choose FDR for Consumer Research

Looking for a food/drink consumer research facility or facilitator in Denver? Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose FDR for Denver consumer research.

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Food and Beverage Development and Consumer Research Definitions

What you see here is our former home page image. You know, the one with the culinary consumer research and product/menu development terms. In this post, we dive in deep to tell you what all of those terms mean, and, consequently, all that we do here at Food & Drink Resources. Concept Ideation –  Look at…

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