cranberries on the menu

On-Trend Restaurant Holiday Specials

The holidays are a ripe time for restaurant specials. There are many timely flavors to capitalize on. Today, we bring you some current restaurant special ideas sure to please your guests as they celebrate and give thanks.

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noodle trends

Mac & Cheese Recipe Ideas

Most food trends come and go, but there is one that has lasted on restaurant menus through the decades: Mac & Cheese…and it’s not just for kids. These 10 macaroni and cheese ideas would work on many-a-restaurant-and-bar-menu.

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bread trends and basket

Shake Up the Bread Basket With These Bread Trends

What’s one of the most common sides we use for dinner? Breads! Garlic bread is overdone. Bread and butter, while it can be delicious, is a shortcut. Today, we bring you 11 inspired bread ideas that you are sure to see in more bread baskets and menus soon.

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bowl of kimchi

Kimchi: How To Use It And Why You Should Love It

What do you get when you combine the trends of fermented and spicy? You get kimchi (or kimchee)—a tangy and hot 4,000-year-old Korean staple that’s like a cross between a pickle and a salad. Kimchi is showing up everywhere right now. Rightfully so, if you ask us. We love the stuff.

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dessert trends

Sweet Trios, Sweet Breakfast Cornbread, and Other Sweet Ideas

There is one flavor category that is always in style — sweet. Trends in texture, quality, and presentation may change, but we the people want sweet as part of the meal and in a decadent dessert. That will never change.

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soursop in tree

2017 Unusual Food Trends

The foods on FDR’s 2017 list of unusual food trends are so “in” that they are almost “out.” We didn’t put them on the official FDR food and beverage trends list because, honestly, we can’t stomach them or don’t expect them to go mainstream anytime soon despite the buzz.

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