Fresh, Modern Israeli Elevates ‘Middle Eastern’ Fare Beyond Hummus

Hummus. Ask diners which foods they associate with Middle East and Mediterranean cuisine, consumers typically mention hummus, the once obscure garbanzo bean dip that is now a supermarket superstar. Pita bread, gyros, and olive oil often get listed, too. If Americans can name any dish associated with Israel, it is usually falafel. But that’s a…

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tomato analysis

2019 Restaurant Trends

Every year it seems the restaurant industry sees many changes, and 2019 looks to be no different. In fact, we’re seeing some very exciting shifts. Here’s our list of top restaurant trends for 2019.

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Escabeche food trend

Top 2019 Food and Beverage Trends

Recognizing trends is critical to the work we do here at Food & Drink Resources. If we’re going to develop menus that consumers will want to enjoy 12 to 18 months from now, it’s essential we know what’s coming to the mainstream plate.

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pork trends

There’s More to Pork Than Just Bacon

Chicken and beef may be popular, and the top way Americans consume most of their protein, but there’s another meat that has been on the rise in recent years: pork. America’s obsession with adding bacon to everything has given strength to the pork industry. However, it’s not just bacon that has fed the pork trend.

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Millennials want the culinary staples of the American diet, but with a flavorful new twist.

Food and Beverage Trends Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of

Every generation brings different preferences that force business to shift accordingly, and millennials’ influence on the food industry is no exception. Here are seven food and beverage trends that today’s young adults can’t get enough of…according to FDR’s intern Mary Murphy.  Mary is a junior at Western Michigan University majoring in Food & CPG Marketing.

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zero-proof and low-ABV cocktails

Zero-Proof And Low-ABV Summer Cocktails

Summer cocktails should be light and refreshing, and after a day of playing in the sun, you should be able to quench your thirst without getting knocked on your behind by the alcohol. Fresh ingredients and creative combinations are taking precedence over a big hit of alcohol—that’s why today’s bar professionals are creating zero-proof and…

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