ras el hanout sticky toffee pudding

Ras el Hanout Sticky Toffee Pudding

The big, bold flavors of Africa are a source of culinary inspiration. Spices are the essence of African cuisine, and African spice blends are an exciting way to bring flavor to any dish.

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put an egg on it

Culinary Trends: Put An Egg on It

This might come as a surprise to some, but our ancestors enjoyed runny eggs two million years ago just as much as Millennials do today. If Instagram was a thing back then, you can bet that they would have been posting on the regular with the hashtag #yolkporn.

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The Healthy Kids Menu Trend Makes The Whole Family Happy

When you go to a restaurant, you might order things like lobster agnolotti, charred barramundi, or tacos al pastor, but if you have young children with you, their options are typically limited to chicken tenders, buttered noodles, macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese or a quesadilla. If you’re lucky, baby carrots or applesauce are served…

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The Asian Ice Cream Trend Is Everything This Summer

There is no greater evidence of a summer well-lived than a double-scoop of salted caramel with sprinkles held up against a totally Instagrammable backdrop. Until now. Now pictures of snow ice with boba, rolled ice cream, and pastel-colored mochi ice cream are filling up our feeds and making our mouths water.

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housemade food trend

Show Authenticity With The Housemade Everything Trend

Today’s restaurant-goers want the food on their plate to tell a story. They want to know what farm the ingredients came from. They want to meet the maker and understand the process. They want a unique dining experience that looks as good on Instagram as it tastes in the restaurant. The more local, sustainable, small-batch,…

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healthful water in cocktails trend

Summer Is Cooler With The Plant-Water Cocktail Trend

It’s all about the multi-tasking these days; even in the food and beverage industry. Why eat regular oatmeal when you can eat protein-added oatmeal? Making a smoothie? Throw some seeds in the blender. You don’t always think of health when you think of alcoholic drinks, but if you’re going to have a cocktail, why not…

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