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2016 Multi-Unit Restaurant Trends

As the New Year inches near, multi-unit restaurants are looking to step up their game and impress customers. In this blog post, we reveal the biggest 2016 multi-unit restaurant trends we expect to see.


Restaurants are wise to talk-up their fresh and focused fare. Menus are not all things to all people.


Is it nearby? Multi-unit restaurants try to source locally and want to be considered locavores, too. Continue reading

2016 Packaged Food Trends

As a result of the work FDR completes within the food and beverage industry, the chefs here are in a unique position to identify and create culinary trends, not just for clients but the industry as a whole. Here in the first of three blog posts identifying food and beverage trends for 2016, we take a look at trends in consumer packaged goods. Continue reading

Food and Beverage Trends – Meatballs!

We continue to see meatballs across different restaurant categories from fast casual to high-end dining because of their versatility. Meatballs are a great dish to utilize leftover trimmings so as not to waste. In this instance, it may be perceived in terms of value from the operator’s perspective. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve see meatballs made from various cuts of meat, not just the shoulder; combining leaner and fattier cuts to get the right lean to fat ratio. Continue reading