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Cheesy Chef Hacks

With June 4 being National Cheese Day and all, it’s only fitting that we’d share some cheesy chef hacks.

Grate Cheese!

Need to grate a semi-soft cheese? Freeze the cheese for about 30 minutes and it will be solid enough to grate with ease. Continue reading

Chefs Hacks: Knives and Things

Chef hacks are those cooking tips and tricks that experienced cooks come to know from watching mentors, teachers, and idols at work. You discover your own hacks by accident, sometimes as a result of injury, frustration, or lack of tools and ingredients.  Continue reading

Stop the Stick With These Chef Hacks

Ask any chef and they’ll tell you stick is annoyance #1. Today, we share our best chef hacks for preventing that stick.

Muffin Man

Want muffins but don’t have liners? Spray parchment paper with non-stick coating then press squares of paper into each muffin hole on a muffin baking sheet. Continue reading