The Work

For over 10 years, Mike Archer and FDR Co-Founder Scott Randolph have worked together to complete various recipe development projects. In Mike’s current role as CEO at Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc., the two have collaborated on a number of menu items including Avocado Toast, Spicy Korean Chicken, East Meets West Calamari, and Pesto Cream Brussels Sprouts.

“We work close and strategically to develop food from ideation through implementation,” said Mike.

Mike went on to say that in addition to ideation and menu development, Scott has served as a critical eye for reducing costs, bringing in better vendors, and simplifying processes for every Houlihan’s kitchen.

The FDR Difference

When it comes to identifying the FDR difference, Mike said, “FDR is able to simplify the complex. They create complex flavors in a way that is easily repeated, something essential for multi-location restaurants.”

“I’ve been in far too many situations where chef consultants drop something on my lap that isn’t doable in the end. I know when I work with Scott there will be give and take, and at the end we will be able to execute.”