What’s one of the most common sides we use for dinner? Breads!

Garlic bread is overdone. Bread and butter, while it can be delicious, is a shortcut. Today, we bring you 11 inspired bread ideas that you are sure to see in more bread baskets and menus soon.

  1. bread trends and basket Cheeseburger Stuffed Garlic Bread – Because Beef together with Garlic is gold.
  2. Buffalo Chicken with Jack Cheese Pull Apart Bread – Wings are alright, but Buffalo Chicken Bread is where it’s really at.
  3. Mozzarella Pretzel Pull Apart Bread with a Chorizo Queso Dip – Pretzels are in the bread family, so stuff it with gooey cheese and serve it with more cheese!
  4. Cheesy Spinach & Artichoke Pull Apart Bread – You love dip. Why not put it inside your loaf of bread?
  5. Jalapeno Popper Pull Apart Bread, Peppers, Bacon & Cheese – You can’t go wrong here.
  6. Cheesy Monkey Bread – All you need is Crescent Bread Dough, Shredded Cheddar, and Butter. You’ll go bananas.
  7. Pizza Bread – The Classic! Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, done.
  8. Sausage and Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread – If you’re a fan of sharing, this is the bread for you.
  9. Cranberry Brie Pull Apart Bread – It doesn’t all have to be savory. Sometimes sweet breads are what we need.
  10. Baked Brie & Tart – The caramelized Cranberries make it yum.
  11. Strawberry Cheesecake Pull Apart Bread – Yeah, it is possible alright. Top with Cream Cheese Frosting and pack with a blend of strawberry filling, graham cracker crumbs, and white chocolate.

Research is showing that bread sales are up, especially when it comes to upscale buns. Consumers notice fresh bread as well as high-quality breads. With that comes more responsibility for the producer, deli, and restaurant. It’s time for the bread to be the topic of the meal and not just a side.

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