We can say with confidence that the food and drink ideation sessions at the FDR Innovation Center are unlike most others.

How do we know?

Because we’ve participated in hundreds of them over the last two decades. Part of our motivation for opening up our location in Colorado was so we could provide a different kind of ideation. Honestly, we want to have ideation sessions that don’t plain suck. 

We want to be part of ideations that aren’t boring but instead encourage the sharing of creative ideas. We also don’t want to smell old fry grease or cook over a garbage can. We want to work out of a space that feels like the restaurant kitchen we are used to cooking in. So…we made a place where we could do that in Denver.

At a recent ideation session for one of our clients, that was akin to our 3C Development Process, we took a few minutes to grab these photos. Hopefully, you’ll see what makes us different.


We cook for our clients. 

food and drink ideation props

Breakfast nacho bar, anyone?


We remind you of your childhood to get you thinking like you did as a kid.


Remember these?

denver waffle truck

We’ll take you to get a bite. We’ll bring it to you, too. Pictured here: The FDR loading dock and Denver’s Waffle Up! food truck.

denver biscuit co

This biscuit sandwich brought to you by the Denver Biscuit Company.


And just when you think you want to leave and take a nap, we bring in the donuts from Voodoo.

food and drink resources ideation

Then we put you back to work. In 72 hours we do a great deal of work. From brainstorming to cooking competitions to focus groups, there’s little we don’t cover.

The result?

Well, we can’t give it all away. You’ll be seeing the results on future restaurant menus.

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