Food & Drink Resources (FDR) integrates Consumers, Chefs, and Clients (3C) into an immersive, real-time product development approach that will speed you from idea conceptualization to commercialization without the handoffs and bureaucracy that often cause good ideas to be lost.

FDR's 3C Development Process is ideal for both food/beverage manufacturers and multi-location restaurant organizations because it incorporates food immersion tours, recipe development, and consumer focus group testing all in one 72-hour session at our Denver, Colorado, location - the FDR Research & Innovation Center.

3c development processAt our facility, you will find both consumer research space and test kitchens so that we can modify drink recipes and food recipes on the spot and leverage the talent of our entire team. Whether it's a new product, a limited-time offer, or an entirely new restaurant concept, FDR has a process that cuts recipe development costs by 25-50% and time-to-market in half. You will only need three days to accomplish what most agencies take months to do.

To learn more about our recipe and menu development services, request a bid.