As a result of the work FDR completes within the food and beverage industry, the chefs here are in a unique position to identify and create culinary trends, not just for clients but the industry as a whole. Here in the first of three blog posts identifying food and beverage trends for 2016, we take a look at trends in consumer packaged goods.What You Can Expect to See on the Shelves in 2016

Jerky of all types including beef, bison, venison, elk, salmon flavored with sriracha.ancient grains food trends

Ancient grains as ingredients in everything. Look for grains like teff, millet, faro, amaranth, and sorghum.

Plant-based protein snacks including lentil bars, chickpea snacks, and bean bars.

Overall decrease in sweet foods. Sour is still popular as are fermented delicacies like kimchee and pickled veggies.

Bitter is big. Try kale chips or the new bitter chocolate bar from KIND.

Savory yogurts

Pay attention to soups in a bottle. We are seeing a refrigerated, one-serving gazpacho popular among producers.bottle

Corn is a hit again, especially when it comes to uniquely flavored popcorns like a tandoori yogurt we recently tried.

It goes without saying that ethnic food is popular. However, there’s a notable trend in ethnic frozen packaged foods, from frozen samosas to moussaka

Booze isn’t just for drinking. Cocktails influence flavors in CPG. Try: Colonel Pabst All-Malt Amber Lager Worcestershire Sauce and Pappy & Company’s Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup in Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrels.

Speaking of syrup… maple everything.


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