As the New Year inches near, multi-unit restaurants are looking to step up their game and impress customers. In this blog post, we reveal the biggest 2016 multi-unit restaurant trends we expect to see.


Restaurants are wise to talk-up their fresh and focused fare. Menus are not all things to all people.


Is it nearby? Multi-unit restaurants try to source locally and want to be considered locavores, too.


They try to source from specific farms. Many restaurants now highlight their farming partners.


Veggies take the focus–even White Castle has vegan items.

Never heard of it before?

Unusual fare (like acai bowls) is popping up.

Think small

Expect to see more and more small plates and  snack portions.


Brinner—breakfast for dinner— and it is good.

Asian food

Asian food! If you are anywhere near Dallas, stop by the Banh Shop (Yum Brand).


Look for interesting alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks joining a variety of fast-casual restaurant menus.


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