So you’ve signed up for a paid research focus group. What now? In this post, we’ll walk you through what to expect and how things work during your first focus group.

The Day Of Your On-Site Paid Research Study

The dress for Food & Drink Resources (FDR) focus groups is business casual. It’s a good idea to have a driver’s license or state identification card with you for check-in. Always try to arrive on-time or slightly ahead of time. Once you check-in with reception, you’ll be asked to wait until everyone in the group has arrived.

denver focus group facility

One of the FDR focus group rooms.

Here’s what we expect from you:

  1. Come prepared to share your ideas and reasons for those ideas.
  2. Speak up, whether you agree with the popular view or not.
  3. Give everybody a chance to speak and treat each other with respect.
  4. Have fun!

Focus Group Environment

denver taste tests

The FDR test kitchen and dining area. Where most of our taste tests happen.

FDR opened its Denver focus group facility in 2014 to serve large restaurant organizations and food producers in development and market research. The FDR Innovation Center is brand new and fully-equipped with all the items you’d expect a restaurant or bar to have. We meet in one of two large focus group rooms with a two-way mirror and recording equipment. You will be asked to turn off your cell phone once inside the room.

For taste tests, you’ll have your own private seat to sample dishes and then share your thoughts via tablet. Taste tests don’t usually happen in focus group rooms. We have a fun dining area for that.

Our Focus Group Moderators

The moderator leads the group discussion, ensures our client’s objectives are addressed, and guarantees all relevant topics are covered in the time allotted. At FDR, we’re almost always talking about food. We’ll want to get your thoughts on:

  • What are your dining and eating habits
  • What you like/don’t like
  • Your gut reaction to ideas and flavors/textures

Our Denver focus group moderators are very experienced and will work to keep the conversation easy and on-topic. You will be in good hands.

The Two-Way Focus Group Mirror

Much like what you see on television, most focus group rooms have a two-way mirror. This allows our clients to watch the focus group discussion in real time if they choose. We always let you know if and when others are observing. Same with the recording. We usually video record the focus group so that the client can reference key insights at a later time.

Market Research Terminology

You may hear a few words thrown around that describe the day’s events. Terms such as market research, consumer research, consumer testing, product testing, qualitative research, focus groups, and others are used interchangeably. Rest assured that all the terms refer to the process of question/answer to gain insights into a product, service, or idea.

colorado taste tests

Click the image to sign up for our focus group/taste test database. We will contact you when we need participants!

Paid Research Testing

Focus groups should be relaxed and fun! We invited you to participate because we truly want your thoughts and opinions. After you’ve completed the focus group, we will pay you by check before you leave. In rare cases, we will mail you a check for the paid research testing.

Hopefully, this information prepares you for your first Denver focus group. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Focus groups are a tool we use often, and we’d love to have you back, so be sure to sign up!