Food & Drink Resources (FDR) is a chef-driven culinary consulting agency. We save restaurants anywhere from 25 to 50% on recipe and menu development costs. Plus, our network of manufacturing partners allows us to introduce ready-for-market products that will fit your brand and goals. Our team brings an experienced perspective to complete:

  • Recipe, product, and menu development (including limited time offers) – Above-trend, on-budget ideas and development
  • Restaurant audit – A comprehensive restaurant audit can turn around a struggling business and increase the bottom line for a successful one
  • Guest-facing – Menus, signage, fixtures, elevation design elements, and fabricators for an effective guest experience
  • Kitchen layout – Kitchen and service area layout and design including the selection of equipment, fixtures, and furniture
  • Staff training – Includes training/operational manuals and ongoing support
  • Recipe yield evaluation – If food costs make up more than 30-35% of total expenses, it’s time to fix your recipes
  • Nutrition analysis – Includes analysis, labeling, recipe revisions, and ingredient substitutions to ensure dishes maintain flavor and meet established nutrition standards (Learn more about restaurant nutrition analysis here.)

Food & Drink Resources (FDR) brings a fresh perspective and an affordable alternative. Plus, our test kitchen is somewhere you’ll want to spend time in. The FDR Research & Innovation Center has plenty of meeting space and a modular, fully-equipped test kitchen and bar. It’s spacious, clean, and has all that you’ll need for recipe development-including a team of expert chefs with decades of experience in restaurant operations and menu development.

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