healthy kids menu

The Healthy Kids Menu Trend Makes the Whole Family Happy

When you go to a restaurant, you might order things like lobster agnolotti, charred barramundi, or tacos al pastor, but if you have young children with you, their options are typically limited to chicken tenders, buttered noodles, macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese or a quesadilla. If you’re lucky, baby carrots or applesauce are served on the side.

While the typical kid’s menu items probably delight the picky eaters out there who live off of chicken nuggets and ketchup, parents who want more for their kids and their money are less than delighted. And kids who are adventurous eaters are bored out of their minds. But many chefs are parents themselves, and restaurants, from fast food and fast casual to fine dining, are taking note. (more…)

food & drink resources golf outing

5 Reasons to Attend the FDR Golf Outing

Do you like to golf? Network with others in the corporate restaurant industry? Visit Denver? Then the Food & Drink Resources (FDR) Golf Outing is for you. This is the first year for the event and we’d love to have you join us!

If you’re still not sure if the event is right for you, check out these 5 Reasons to Attend the FDR Golf Outing.

1. You are not eager to attend yet another conference or trade show, but you still want to connect with your colleagues.

2. Support a great cause – Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry in Colorado! (more…)

chef puts fruit in bowls

FDR Chef Ambassadors Serve Restaurants and Manufacturers

A Chef Ambassadorship is one of the many services Food & Drink Resources (FDR) offers our restaurant and manufacturing clients. This is an opportunity to have additional culinary experts representing your brand. Let FDR become the face of your culinary and R&D teams!

Recipe and Menu Ideation

Want to revamp your kids’ menu? Create serving suggestions for your product? Your FDR Chef Ambassador will develop recipes that match your brand and are sure to be on-trend and sell well.

A small project might result in 12 potential menu items whereas a large project could result in hundreds. After your approval, we can test the recipes in our consumer research testing facility to find the match for your menu. (more…)


The Asian Ice Cream Trend Is Everything This Summer

There is no greater evidence of a summer well-lived than a double-scoop of salted caramel with sprinkles held up against a totally Instagrammable backdrop. Until now. Now pictures of snow ice with boba, rolled ice cream, and pastel-colored mochi ice cream are filling up our feeds and making our mouths water. (more…)

reduced price food and beverage shipping

Announcing Mobile Mike Express for Our Food/Drink Customers

Don’t change the way you ship. Change how much you pay!

This month, we’ve announced a new offering: Mobile Mike Express, a reduced-price shipping solution for Food & Drink Resource’s restaurant and manufacturing clients! Now you can send food and beverage packages at a greatly-reduced price through your trusted partners at Food & Drink Resources (FDR).  (more…)

housemade food trend

Show Authenticity with the Housemade Everything Trend

Today’s restaurant-goers want the food on their plate to tell a story. They want to know what farm the ingredients came from. They want to meet the maker and understand the process. They want a unique dining experience that looks as good on Instagram as it tastes in the restaurant. The more local, sustainable, small-batch, and authentic, the better. (more…)