2017 food trends

FDR’s 2017 Food Trend Predictions in the Media

Last fall, we published our big list of 2017 food and beverage trend predictions as well as our list of trending foods on the fringe. Both lists received attention from food writers who included our insights into their own coverage. Here we bring you a few of our favorite media mentions.

Trends That Will Pique Your Interest

John Lehndorff presented an incredible list of unusual trending foods in his Boulder Weekly article, “Everybody mukbang tonight.”

“Flat is in: Centennial-based Food and Drink Resources’ 2017 food and beverage trends include the rising popularity of khachapuri (Georgian egg pizza), okonamyaki (thin savory Japanese pancakes), jackfruit (as a meat substitute), dragonfruit, harissa (North African spice mix), fruit soups and ‘crowlers,’ a metal version of the brewery growler that is canned at the bar.”

menu labeling requirements

FDR Offers Services for FDA Menu Labeling Compliance

Food & Drink Resources (FDR) is able to manage restaurant menu development from A to Z. Starting with recipe innovation and finishing with nutrition labeling on your menus.

We know you may not need it all at this moment, but we’re guessing you do need the nutrition analysis to comply with the Food & Drug Administration’s upcoming menu labeling deadline — May 5, 2017. This is not the first time the FDA has promised enforcement of the rule, but it looks as though this compliance date will stand firm. (more…)

Quirks Event 2017 exhibitor

Meet FDR at the Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn

On March 21-22, 2017, the Food & Drink Resources team will be exhibiting at the Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn! Find us at booth #708 where we will showcase our market research capabilities. At the FDR Innovation Center, we offer full-service market research services to food manufacturers, restaurants, as well as other CPG companies.

Will you be at Quirk’s in Brooklyn or are you based in New York City and available to meet? If so, we hope you come by to discuss how we may be able to serve you. (more…)

sustainable protein trend

The Sustainable Protein Trend Is Hitting Restaurants in 2017

Juicy burgers, fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs, and slow-roasted pork roast. We love ‘em all, and we’re not alone. America has a love affair with all things protein, but we can’t ignore the negative environmental impact from chickens, cows, pigs, and other livestock raised for food. Choosing free-range and heritage breeds is a good start, but consumers are looking for even more sustainable alternatives.

The NRA Culinary Forecast on What’s Hot in 2017 lists “Environmental Sustainability” as a Top 10 Concept Trend. Environmentally responsible restaurants will take a big step ahead this year. The sustainable protein trend is just getting started. (more…)

examples of focus groups videos

Our Favorite Funny Focus Group Videos

Before you’ve sat through a focus group yourself, you may wonder how they work. What will you be expected to do? Will there be other people there? What will the facilitator ask?

We have talked about what to expect in a focus group at FDR previously, but we think these funny focus group videos and food focus group videos show you what to expect, too — even if they are silly or extreme. (more…)

doing market research here in denver

The Changing Colorado Population Makes Denver Ideal for Market Research

Food & Drink Resources moved to Colorado back in 2009 because the state’s population is incredibly diverse and is constantly changing, making Denver an optimal location for market research.

Colorado Is One Of The Fastest Growing States

Between July 2014 and July 2015, the population of Colorado expanded by 1.9 percent. According to the United Sates Census Bureau, the state added 100,986 new residents during that same time period. (more…)