FDR showcase book

See the FDR Culinary Showcase Book

At FDR, we do everything from market research, branding, and marketing to restaurant reboots and culinary support. The work we do for our clients happens in the kitchen, in the office, online, and “in the field.” It’s easy to understand the breadth of what we do when you can see it in action; but what if you haven’t seen our work, or tasted our food?

That’s why the Food & Drink Resources Marketing Team has developed a culinary showcase book to illustrate all of FDR’s capabilities. It’s not a catalog, not a magazine, and not a cookbook, but it has a little bit of all three of those things. (more…)

restaurant training tips

Restaurant Training Tip: Train in Person

…and do it over and over again.

Many multi-location restaurants rely on one-time video training during employee orientation. That simply doesn’t make sense. Wait staff have a tremendous responsibility to wow your customers and create a memorable experience. That’s why a consistent, in-person training program is vital for any restaurant looking for long-term success.

A great approach to training is through the buddy system. For example, pair each new employee with an experienced employee and create a way to test progress (like they do at Crabby Bill’s Seafood in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida). Low marks in improvement should result in a thorough investigation into both the trainee and trainer. (more…)

rapid charge bank for restaurants

FDR Introduces New Offering to Restaurants, Pawā Box

Pawā Means “Power” in Japanese. It means customer satisfaction and more revenue for you.

Food & Drink Resources is proud to announce its latest offering for multi-location restaurants: a rapid charge power bank for mobile devices that presents a customer service and revenue-generating opportunity for your business.

The Pawā Box is small at 7″ high and only 2 lbs. It still includes six ports allowing guests to charge any device. Our power bank also includes a secure hotspot and a Bluetooth speaker making it a multi-functioning portal that won’t take up much space on the bar, hostess stand, or dining tables. The Pawā Box is water resistant and backed by our service plan so you can trust the units will stand the test of time. (more…)

healthful water in cocktails trend

Summer Is Cooler with the Plant-Water Cocktail Trend

It’s all about the multi-tasking these days; even in the food and beverage industry. Why eat regular oatmeal when you can eat protein-added oatmeal? Making a smoothie? Throw some seeds in the blender. You don’t always think of health when you think of alcoholic drinks, but if you’re going to have a cocktail, why not have one that provides some nutritional benefits as well? Enter the new water cocktail trend. (more…)

how to engineer a menu

Increase Restaurant Profits With Menu Engineering

Many restaurant companies struggle with stagnant sales, reductions in traffic, and lower margins than they’ve had in the past, all because costs never seem to go down. These companies reluctantly accept lower margins as a way of life (or death). In some cases, restaurants will blindly raise prices to try and remedy the problem, but over and over again we’ve seen that result in an even deeper erosion of traffic.

Menu engineering is somewhat complex and time-consuming, but a well-engineered menu can be a game changer with regard to increased profitability. In this post, we’ll show you how. (more…)

latasha poindexter vp of insights

Latasha Poindexter Joins FDR as VP of Consumer Insights

The Food & Drink Resources team is growing! This month, Latasha Poindexter joined FDR as the VP of Consumer Insights. Latasha will work out of the Denver FDR Innovation Center to support our restaurant, foodservice, and manufacturing clients with all of their market research needs.

Latasha has nearly 15 years of experience positioning and leveraging research for a broad range of industries including foodservice, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, and transportation. Previously, she worked for such companies as Qdoba, Georgia-Pacific, Aon Hewitt, and Polaris Marketing Research. She earned her MBA with an emphasis in marketing from Clark Atlanta University. (more…)